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"Helping small local associations in Madagascar for education and environmental protection"
In Madagascar

Associations are
stronger together!


Our missions

Help and promote local associations

Boost mutual aid

Improving the living children's environment

Create thousands of smiles

Raising awareness of environmental protection

Protecting stunning nature

Do you know Madagascar?

This huge island located off the southeast coast of Africa is home to thousands of animal species, has tropical forests , beaches and splendid coral reefs. And if you knew the beauty of the island, are you aware that this country is suffering from both a severe economic crisis combined with a violent health crisis ?

Its inhabitants are on the move to build a better future , and many associations are committed locally to offer them as much as possible care, food, material aid for education and access to leisure for all children as well as protection of their environment .
Each of these associations fights on a daily basis to seek the necessary aid, motivate new volunteers, find donors in order to continue the actions undertaken.

Touched by the courage of these local associations,
  we have decided to help them by setting up our Mada4You association, whose mission is to coordinate costly actions for them and to contribute to their search for material or monetary donations.

Mada4You's mission is also to connect local associations so that they get to know each other, can communicate, support one another and exchange their experiences and  their know-how.

Mada4You is a link between isolated schools and small local associations in Madagascar, it is the desire to raise awareness of environmental protection and it is the desire to improve the living environment of children.


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Contact Mada 4 You

Association Loi 1901 - Official Journal Announcement n°1512 of June 22, 2021

RNA number: W832020306

SIRET Number: 91461661000012

9 Bis, rue des Marchands , 83400 Hyères, France

+33 (0)6 70 77 78 47

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