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Dive into an ocean of solidarity and navigate towards a better world!

Our Missions:

• Identify and select local associations based in Madagascar.

•Support small local associations in their missions with children and environmental protection.

•Search for sponsors, competent volunteers in the fields of education, medicine and the environment.

• Identify needs, pool resources, organize logistics, collect donations, materials and distribute them.

•Allow associations to get to know each other, communicate with each other, share their knowledge, support all these associations in their actions and increase their visibility.

• Pool the strengths and skills of each association and create a mutual aid collective.

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Our history

Many associations are committed locally on the spot to offer as much as possible care, food, access to schooling, to leisure, for all children and to protect the environment.

Each association fights on a daily basis to seek the necessary aid, to motivate new volunteers or donors to continue its actions.

Touched by their courage, we decided to help them by creating our own association in May 2020, Mada4You , an association to help small local associations in Madagascar.


The team is a group of friends from various professional backgrounds with  complementary skills: entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, business manager, entity director, sales director, creator and development coach, manager, agency manager.

Cath, Stéphanie, Dany, Emmanuelle, Maria, Guillaume, Flavien, Jord, Emmanuel, Vincent, David are already part of it... and our different areas of expertise allow Mada4You 's ambition to be in the long term.

The team


Fanny Pomares

Trésorière adjointe

Tel : +33 (0)6 63 58 93 74

"La sagesse c'est d'avoir des rêves suffisamment grands pour ne pas les perdre de vue quand on les poursuit.” Oscar Wilde

Our partners

Indispensable supporters of our projects, companies get involved in their civic role and successfully restore meaning to the heart of their organization. Thank you to our loyal and generous Partners!

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