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To become partner

Becoming a partner of Mada4You means to join our approach helping small local associations in Madagascar. It also means sharing the values we hold and linking the company's image to a strong cause that goes beyond the traditional economic framework.
This support becomes a means of integrating a new network of economic, sporting, associative, media, political contacts, etc.
Becoming a partner make it possible to organize events for your internal and external communication, to which members of Mada4You will be associated.

Become a Volunteer

We welcome your skills, network and related experience that would beneficial. There are multiple missions, the choice is yours:

  • Inform & mobilize: raise awareness of the association's missions

  • Help on our events: Participate in the logistical preparation,  the implementation, supervise teams...

  • Share your skills: Identify small associations, needs, pool resources, logistics, collect donations, equipment, be closer to the field, distribution of donations... 

  • Share your contacts: Put us in touch with future partners, with your business networks, your sports, cultural or leisure clubs, with teachers, to imagine new projects

Become a Member

Get in touch! By joining Mada4You, you demonstrate your support for the association and you commit to improving the living environment of children and raising awareness of environmental protection.

Membership allows you:

  • to contribute to this great cause

  • to participate in the life of the association, in particular by voting at the Annual General Meeting

  • to be kept up to date

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