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Association les Papillons du Ciel: much more than a school!

We started our solidarity journey to meet a wonderful association Les Papillons du Ciel on Île aux Nattes 👏

It was a very nice surprise to visit the Rocher school educational center created by Véronique Valette and Franck Mesnel, a big Bravo!

Nirina Ravelonaina, the person in charge of the center of the college does an extraordinary job with the teachers and the stakes are multiple: of course school education and also the defense of the environment in general and the marine environment in particular, the practice of sport and especially the values ​​of rugby 🙏👍

What pride to see the stars in Nirina's eyes when you meet one of the former college student in the village who is passing her baccalaureate in a month.😊

A magical moment with the children, exchanges of smiles, a rugby match, a Polaroid photo for the classes... delivery of school supplies and balloons donations... a wave and faces that turn around so as not to leave each other 🥰

That's Mada!

Very happy to support this beautiful association: for short-term needs is the construction of vegetable bins since the teachers and students (108) eat on site, it is also the repair of the roofs of the classes following cyclones and storms ( waterproofing, new roof) supply of school books for middle school (11 to 13), access to online courses, two computers, materials for physics and SVT courses.

Great moment of solidarity, generosity and emotions, the work done is remarkable and very serious.

The reputation of the college is built and on the island of Sainte Marie we speak of the college of the Rock: "The education is serious and straight"

Our association Mada4You, association helping small local associations in Madagascar is happy to support the Butterflies of the sky. The needs are clear, it is up to us to act together.

Congratulations and thank you Franck, Véronique, Nirina and your wife for what you do as well as the teachers.

Still very moved by this beautiful meeting See you soon!

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