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Orphanage Zazakely : not just an orphanage!

We met with Godmother, Michelle Martres and her Orphanage Zazakely Sainte Marie Madagascar created 20 years ago.

Today, nearly 80 children attend school night and day, they are fed, housed and cared for. Michelle also welcomes more than 80 additional children from the village since her tireless fight is illiteracy! And to run the school from kindergarten to the age of 13 ( the college classes now will becoming too). With the care (physiotherapist dentist doctor) the maintenance of the orphanage there is nearly 30 people between teacher doc helping out...

And 1/3 of the children are orphans of mother and father.

We had so many smiles from the children, simple gestures or looks that touched us deeply: a wonderful moment filled with love and emotion 🥰

Due to the lack of tourism in Mada, donations have largely lowered, so the crucial need are non-expired drugs 😉 games and books for children, clothes, supplies notebooks pens.

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